Inexpensive Lighting

How’s that for a clever title? It’s a rainy Monday here, and I’m pretty sure I just drove through a tornado to get my daughter to VBS. It’s not normal when tree branches fly in front of your car, is it? Well, this dark and dreary day is the perfect time to talk about lighting. My de-boob-ification is in full swing around here (that sounds weird), so I thought I’d share a couple of resources … [Read more...]

Dining Room Addition


OK. So I’m talkin’ house goals again. I’m in month 6 of the year, and I’m almost there! Not bad. I swore that I was going to eradicate the ugly light disease around here, and I’m a step closer.  So here’s the chandelier in our dining room. Not ugly by any means, but it was never what I wanted. I lived with it. For 8 years. I looked and shopped and  scoured for months. Oh I found a ton of … [Read more...]

Mercury Lamp Score


I went shopping at Hobby Lobby the other day and made a beeline for the clearance section. I spied something with my little eye. Hmmm…that shouldn’t be clearanced out right now. (That’s me thinking to myself.) Then I noticed the writing on the tag. $120 for a lamp at Hobby Lobby? Huh? And then I saw this tag underneath it. I quickly looked around for the hidden camera. Someone must have been … [Read more...]

Girl’s Room Resource

blue pink girls room

Hey, all. At first I didn’t know if this post would be warranted, but I’ve received so many e-mails. It just seems like the best way to answer all of them. A quick post, but chuck full of information! Daybed--purchased here. I got it with the trundle, and it came with a free mattress for it. Perfect for sleepovers. Duvet—Serena and Lily (Anabel Duvet) Worth every single … [Read more...]

A Horse Tale


Believe me. The wit behind that title is ridiculous. Sooooo months ago, I found a print (half off at Hobby Lobby) that was perfect for our guest bedroom. It was “the one”. I’m not a fan of artwork behind glass, so I needed to make some adjustments to a frame I already had for it. Like any other blogger, I started taking pictures. I thought, “Oh. I can show my readers how I used a mat and frame … [Read more...]

An Impulse Buy

I’ve been working on revamping our living room for a couple of months now. As of yesterday, I have no coffee table, armoire, or end table. Uh yeah…it’s a little barren in here. I guess that means I need to start shopping for some new accent furniture. Here are some of the options that I’ve been looking at. Once you see the prices, you’ll realize that I looked very quickly at some and moved on. … [Read more...]

Some Bedroom Updates


When I first showed you my son’s room, I tried to explain that it wasn’t finished. Well, it’s still not finished. However, it is a couple of steps closer. Because I chose an industrial look in here, it definitely limits the color implementation in the room. I thought a powerful rug would help with that. I figured it might be nearly impossible to find an orange, gray and brown rug, but … [Read more...]

Fall Porch Decor


Well, hello! I’m back from a great weekend with some family. My brother came into town, so I went home to visit. Of course, my mom had already fallified her front porch. Wanna tour? Beautiful, no? The colors, the twinkling lights, and the noise of the water fountain (imagine it) were a perfect combination for an 81-degree fall day. This is Michigan—you never know what you’re gonna get … [Read more...]

SAS in Review and a Plea


Because I have a bit of an obsession with this tablecloth and because I have called no less than 7 stores looking for it, I am asking for your help! It’s a Raymond Waites tablecloth, and I bought it on clearance at Marshalls (Homegoods/TJMaxx). I put out a call for help on FB, but I’m taking it up a notch. I’ll pay whatever it takes (almost) in order to get another one. I’ll take any size … [Read more...]

Landscaping Progress


I’m not sure if you’ve heard, but I don’t have to go to work for the next three months. What that means is that for the first time in forever, it is Sunday night, and I’m not getting outfits ready for the week. I’m also not packing lunches. Oh! And I’m not having a nightmare that I’ve shown up to work naked. That’s normal, right? While we celebrated our new summer freedom most of the weekend, … [Read more...]

Southern Style Home Placemats

Truth be told, I don’t gussy up my table for meals. Unless you count using something other than paper plates for lunch. Then I would consider it gussied. However, I recently received a set of quilted placemats and napkins from Judy, and I was compelled to take it up a notch. Judy’s shop offers a number of items for your home, and as I’ve said before—when I find something/someplace I like, I … [Read more...]

Lightscoop: My New Favorite!

Before I say anything else, you need to know that I received no compensation for this post. I’m simply madly in love with this new gadget, and you MUST know about it! The other day I was stalking perusing Tatertots and Jello, and Jen mentioned this product. It’s called Lightscoop, and it changes the way you’ll take pictures with a flash for-eh-vah. … [Read more...]

Pottery Barn Outlet=BFF

Well, I don’t have a PB outlet (nor do I have a HomeGoods, but I won’t talk about that right now. Sensitive subject), but my Mom does! Guess who went back home for Easter and totally scored? Me. I did. My intention was to find a rug. You know, thee rug. No such luck. My mom, however, bought my daughter this duffle bag for Easter. The website is selling it for $70. The outlet is selling it … [Read more...]

Tile Tile Bo Bile

Well, it’s time. We’ve been in this house 7 years, and for some reason I’ve always found another project to come before having a backsplash in the kitchen. I regret it, really. I think a backsplash can make a world of difference for a room. However, it can also make a major dent in your pocket book. I’ve been shopping (and shopping!) for tiles I like that I can actually afford. Wanna see … [Read more...]

Rugs: They Ain’t Cheap!

Well, in true JaG form, I’m itchin’ to do something to my daughter’s room. While it’s generally piled with clothes and Barbie dolls, I just feel like it’s a little “flat” when it’s actually clean. I’m SO close to having this cabinet done for her room, but Michigan weather just doesn’t allow it. I figured the easy fix would be to get a rug in her room. You know, warm it up a bit, right? … [Read more...]