SAS in Review and a Plea

Because I have a bit of an obsession with this tablecloth and because I have called no less than 7 stores looking for it, I am asking for your help!

raymond waites tablecloth

It’s a Raymond Waites tablecloth, and I bought it on clearance at Marshalls (Homegoods/TJMaxx). I put out a call for help on FB, but I’m taking it up a notch. I’ll pay whatever it takes (almost) in order to get another one. I’ll take any size but round. IF you find it, would you be the angel of all angels and send it to me?

There. My desperate plea is over. For now. Let’s move onto some highlights from SAS Day, shall we??? There were some GOOD ones this week! Here we go!

1st Lady of the House just gave me my next project. This lamp is adorable.

ruffled lampshade

Do I really need to say anything about this table that The 36th Avenue revamped? It’s splendid, and you must go see the befores!

stenciled table

I don’t think How to Nest for Less could have chosen a better color for the drawers on this desk. I just love it.

painted desk

Scissors and Spatulas. It has been determined that we can not be friends. She received this dresser for FREE and transformed it. Lucky. Girl.

beautiful dresser

I know you’ve seen these highlighted throughout blogland lately, but it certainly deserves it. Talk about doing a stump table right. SO cool! Good job, Thrifty and Chic

tree stump tables

Our Daily Obsessions posted about a milk and cookies baby shower. This is one shower I would NOT miss. So cute and yummy!

milk and cookies party

The desk itself is already gorgeous, but Living Beautifully made it even better. Ooh la la!

painted desk

Please go visit all these talented ladies! Some friends of mine and I have been talking about how low the comments seem to be lately. I know—we’re all busy. If you could find another second in your day to leave some “comment encouragement” for them that would be extra awesome!

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