Decorating with Cornstalks

octobers.Is that the truth or what? I l-o-v-e October. Perhaps my favorite month? I’m sure it has a little something to do with my birthday and my anniversary (17 years, yo!), but it’s the combination of fall colors, warm clothing, and doughnuts. Yeah. I have a thing for doughnuts.

Something I’m kinda bummed about? I didn’t get any cornstalks for my porch this year. I know. What was I thinking, right? A program at our school sells beautiful bundles of them for only $5.00, and I skimped out this year. So what do I do? Look them up on the internet to make myself feel worse about it. Wanna join me?

One of my favorites. I love that her cornstalks aren’t brown yet. What a perfect color combo with the front door, eh?

fall porchSimply Gardening with Mallory

My favorite thing about cornstalks is that you just don’t need much more when you use them. They are such an impact with a low cost.

porch cornstalksJulie Ranee at Houzz

Again—it’s adorable, but it could literally just have the cornstalks. Love how these are so full!

cornstalks on porchBrightly Inspired

You don’t even have to decorate both sides of the porch. Choose a little corner like this one. How cute!

corner cornstalkSunny Side of the Porch

And this little vignette has me swooning. One little cornstalk bundle and some perfectly-colored pumpkins are all it takes. And an awesome urn. Oh, and an arrow sign….you know what I’m sayin’.

cornstalk white pumpkinssource

You know how I feel about yellow mums, so this one really stood out for me. I love the wood door as the backdrop. Rich, warm colors!

cornstalk and mums

The Catbird Seat

Here’s another beautiful door paired with them. Of course, the stone and ivy sure doesn’t hurt. Love that look.

cornstalksDIY Network

What’s not to like about this one? So much going on (planks, lanterns, adorable wheat-filled basket) that it just welcomes you right in.

rustic porch

I hope you enjoyed the little tour as much as I did! It’ll have to hold me off until I decorate the porch again next year. So…do you love Octobers as much as I do? Like me, is it because it’s my birthday month? Smile

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