Contain the Car Clutter

Thirty-One has no idea who I am, but I’m about to reveal my obsession with their bags. If-after this confession-they decide to reward me with free bags for life, I’d totally be ok with that. Just sayin’. As you can see from the sampling below, I have an assortment, and I use them for various things. Today, however, we’re just going to talk about the car. Otherwise known as “the dumping ground for every busy mom” I know.

31 bags

If your second job (or third in my case) is chauffeuring your kids all over town, then you know you’re always needing some random supply. I’ve learned my lesson the hard way, so I have gathered a bunch of products that I know we’ll need. I use a small tote to keep them all contained and store it in our middle console. It’s worked like a charm!

Organized car carrier

The little emergency tote carries some medical supplies and sunscreen. I’ve also included lip balm (I wouldn’t survive without it), hand sanitizer, pain reliever, allergy meds, lint roller, tissues, wet wipes, and pens. These are all things I’ve been stranded without before and will never go without again.

Car emergency kit

I borrowed this idea from my organizing idol Jen at I Heart Organizing. I bought  a couple of travel Q-tip containers in the dollar section of Target, and I use them to store small items we use in the car. Of course, without the handy labels, I’d never know what’s inside.

Q tip case

Car storage bag

I don’t have any strategic placement or anything. It’s a small enough tote that there’s not much digging around needed. This thing has saved us on more than one occasion, and the size is perfect. I just love the versatility of Thirty-One bags. They’re pretty (number 1 priority), and they hold up beautifully.

Car tote

As a matter of fact, I’ll be back later this week to show you how I use the large totes. It’s amazing how much of our stuff needs to be contained, eh?

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