Woven Memo Board

I’m getting there. The finishing touches of my son’s room are being put into place, and I should be finished this week. One of those finishing touches is a burlap memo board I spotted on Jones Design Company. I knew this room was the perfect spot for it, so I went to work.

Burlap Memo board

Emily really gives a fantastic tutorial on it, so I’ll spare you the same ol’ show. I cut the strips in three inch increments like she suggested.

I then laid the corkboard out and took no more pictures after that. How’s that for a tutorial?

Tutorial issues aside, I think it turned out pretty great. The second I hung it up, I realized I want a bigger one. But until then…

burlap memo board

Talk about a cool space for a tween boy, eh? The locker wall pockets house his comic book collection from his uncle and his signed baseball collection had to be on display. The postcards are a collection that he got from a Flat Stanley project when he was in 1st grade.


I’ll certainly give more details when I offer up the full reveal (still don’t know exactly how to do those), but these pictures certainly give you a nice sneak peek!

Ikea expedit

I’ll be back tomorrow with the giveaway winner and a big ol’ “Mark Your Calendars” announcement!

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