A DIY Chalkboard Wall

Chalkboard walls are quite the rage, and I can see why. They’re inexpensive, easy, and give a space some creativity. There are a few things, however, that should be done in order to properly paint a chalkboard wall. In order for it to last, it needs more than a coat of paint. So let’s go over some things!

Chalkboard background png

My mudroom organization station has seen it’s day. As my kids are getting older, they aren’t using it as much. We now use phone calendars that we sync within the family, so a wall calendar just wasn’t being used. Soooo I decided to make this space a little creative.

Organization station

First up? Apply some chalkboard paint. I had an old can from Wal Mart in the garage that I used. I don’t know that I  would recommend one brand over another. I’ve used a couple different brands, and they both work just fine. I applied three coats and let it set. For a couple of days. It really should cure for a bit before you start writing on it.

How to prepare chalkboard

Next, using some cheap child labor, employ a little one to rub chalk all over the board. While the newly painted chalkboard gives a clean look, it will be very uneven once you start to write on it. You’ll be able to see the writing once you erase it, and it’ll be a mess. You need to use the side of a piece of chalk to rub it all in. It allows the pallet to be more evenly blended.

Preparing chalkboard

Once it’s all filled in, find another child (two children really work best for this space) and have them rub the chalk all over to get into the wall. It’s messy. Just vacuum up the dust when complete. Then hose down the children.Chalkboard wall

Using a damp cloth (I used paper towel and a sock), wipe down the excess chalk. This will give you the permanent chalkboard wall that you’ll want to write on. Looks pretty cool, eh?

Painting a chalkboard wall

If you’re artistic, this is the fun part. If you are “challenged” in that area like me, this is the stressful part. I kept it simple since I knew it would change up often. A little banner, some frames for the kids to draw or write notes in, etc. It was “good enough.”

Chalkboard frames

And here’s the finished product! There are mistakes (that’s ok!) and no one seems to be paying attention to the shoes part yet (that’s NOT ok!), but we all think it’s pretty cool! We’re already using it for notes, and there’s now a six-eyed monster in one of the frames.

Diy chalkboard wall

While it’s not necessary, I highly recommend chalk markers. They give off a much more vibrant color, and it’s a smoother look. You can find them at Michaels, Hobby Lobby, or online. Otherwise, invest in some inexpensive chalk for .89 cents. We use both!

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