Wintery Christmas Mantel {Joss and Main News!}

I tried to keep things simple this year. One garland. That’s all I allowed myself. Last year, I did a Christmas mantel with no garland at all! This is progress.

Christmas mantel

I started out with an extra long garland. What you see is actually folded in half and tied together. Nice, eh? Buuuut still not lush enough for me.

store garland

To add some pops of color, I stuck in some feather bundles from this trim I’ve had laying around. Yup. Laying around. Who does that?

craft feather trim

I strategically and methodically placed them in the garland. In other words, I shoved them into random spots.

garland filler

I plugged in a few faux pieces that I’ve used in garlands in the past, but I went mostly fresh this year. Our weather has been really mild lately, so I ventured out to the backyard for some pine branches.

pine branches

Again—no rhyme or reason. I just plugged them into spaces I thought needed some filler or some height.

winter garland

The wood snow flakes are from Michaels. They were all under $1.00. Woo Hoo. The cream-colored ornaments I’ve had for years.

Christmas mantle

Take a look! You can’t even see where the fake and real merge! Me likey.

garland detail

I was quite content to let the wreath and garland do all the work. No need for anything else. Put a fork in it, ya know?

fireplace mantel

Aaaand finally for an announcement. Joss and Main-one of my favorite sites ever-has asked me to curate an event. After looking up what the word curate meant, I gladly accepted! My sale goes live on Thursday, and I think I picked out some pretty UH-mazing pieces for you (and me!). Want a little sneak?image

There’s plenty more where that came from, so head on over!! If you need a link to sign up (for free), click on the image below! See you there! Sort of.

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