Window Box Update {Summer Window Box}

With the change of seasons, I planted some new flowers in the window boxes the other day. Believe me, I mourned the summer flowers as I yanked them out. Let me clarify—as I had my husband yank them out. My muscles—or lack thereof—were just not enough.

We started out with this. Keep in mind I got a late start, so I was pretty worried that I wouldn’t get a large bloom time.

window box

Very pretty, right? I was so pleased with the combination I had chosen, and I loved the color pop off the house. Wanna see what they turned into?

full sun window box

Ba BAM!! (Sorry—too much Good Luck, Charlie lately.) These suckers took. off. Amazing what some sun, water, and a little bit of fertilizer will do for plants, eh? Side note—I wouldn’t recommend photographing these in the sunset ever again. Wish I documented their color better. Sigh…

window box flowers

Just to give you some perspective on how large they got. Needless to say, some smaller flowers got a little choked out. Lesson learned, and I will accommodate for that next year.

window flowers

I had someone ask me what kind of shade/sun mix they get. They get ALL sun. There is not a drop of shade for these poor things. If I waited 25 hours instead of 24 to water them, they started to wilt. They loved water!


A quick post, but I thought you’d like to see how they did over the summer. My porch and window boxes have been fallified, so I’ll be back next week to show you those!

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