Bat Print


Whew! Anybody out there still? Well I’m back to work, and it’s proving a lot crazier and time-consuming than I remember it. Pile two sick kids home from school on top of that, and it’s squeezed blogging right out of my schedule.   So while I try to wrap my brain around this new schedule of mine, stop by Eighteen25 for their annual Spooktacular September. I made a little project for them this … [Read more...]

DIY Pottery Barn Mirrors


My friend Lindsay from Makely School for Girls  decided to host a brilliant blog hop, and I get to be a part of it! We're already into day 3, so stop by and see all the other amazing projects! Did you see Carmel's candlesticks? Mad skills, I tell ya. Head to Our Fifth House to see them.  So this is going to be that absurd moment where I tell you I have an amazing knock-off to show you, but I don't … [Read more...]

Pottery Barn Outlet Shopping


My spring break is on its last leg (sigh), so I went home for a couple of days to spend some quality time with my mom. Of course, that quality time almost always involves some shopping. She lives a few minutes away from a Pottery Barn outlet (lucky duck), so we knew that had to be our main stop. I lu-huve it when bloggers go shopping and take me along for the virtual ride. How 'bout I do the same … [Read more...]

Simple Easter


Posting on a Saturday? Call me crazy. Or just call me really busy through the week. Easter is quickly approaching (which means spring break for me!!), and I will say that it's probably the most difficult holiday for me decor-wise. It means four things--bunnies, eggs, flowers, and baskets.  All of which can border on frilly or downright obnoxious if not done well. So how does one decorate for … [Read more...]

One Bed, Three Looks


Years ago (I've been blogging that long?), I talked about my fickleness when it comes to bedding. I think it's a rather simple change-up, and since Michigan goes from cold to hot and back to cold again, I need it for the changing seasons. Ya know--cold and hot. I purchased an ivory velvet duvet set from Pottery Barn, and I've loved it. It's a perfect wintery backdrop for accessories (hello, … [Read more...]

Pottery Barn Craft Desk


I’ve had a couple of messages asking how the craft desk is coming along. Yeah…about that. It took me a minute, but it’s finally finished. The top was pretty scratched up, but the rest of it was in perfect condition. I dove right in by priming it while it was unassembled. The only before picture I have is this one. And now I give you the finished product.  Don’t pay attention … [Read more...]