Tablecloth Curtains?

Yes. Yes, you can. Remember when I put out the plea for the matching tablecloth that I purchased for $12.00? Well, here’s why. It wasn’t for two tables. :)

Raymond Waites tablecloth

I did not want to sew these, but it was a must. In order for them to hang the way I wanted, nothing else was going to work. These are in the most visible room of our house, so I needed to step it up. Just a notch. So, I started by folding over one end 4” so there would be a substantial hem.

how to sew curtains

The width of each tablecloth was 60”, so I spent the next 3.26 hours figuring out how to space the tabs that I was going to use as the pleats. With a lot of counting on my fingers and using my phone calculator, I finally figured it out. I cut the strips from the extra fabric left over into 2 1/2” strips.

how to make curtains

I didn’t worry about hemming the tabs or making the lines perfectly straight. Who’s going to see them? With the width of the tabs plus the 5” in between them, it came out to 7.5”. That meant 8 tabs total. You with me here? ‘Cause I think I just confused myself.

curtains from tablecloth

I guess I could have used some adhesive stripping or hemming glue, but all I did was a straight stitch across. It’s not like it took any time to do it, really, and I think it’s a cleaner look. I used the hem already in place as my guide. It took no time at all.

tablecloth into a curtain

Here’s what it looks like finished. Pretty raw, eh? Don’t worry. No one will see that part anyway.

curtain tabs

They will, however, see this part. Tablecloths. As curtains.

brown blue curtains

I’m in love with how tailored they are. I’m all about the “no-sew” option, but with just a little more time spent on detail, I was able to get the look I was hoping for.

brown blue curtains paisley curtains

I still have to hem the bottom and iron the far tablecloth panel, but that’ll have to wait until the weekend. Getting up at 5:30 now makes me a little more tired in the evenings.

tablecloth turned curtains

I’m very pleased with how pretty they are for less than I’d pay for ONE tablecloth. I’d say that’s still a pretty great deal.

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