Storing Ribbon

Yes, I have an obsession with ribbon. And yes, I’m always trying to think of new ways to store it. A while ago, I figured it out here. The only problem is that I kept buying ribbon, but I didn’t keep storing it properly.

ribbon spools

I keep all my ribbon in a drawer in my craft room, but it was starting to pile up (literally). Since I had the space, I figured out a way to make the ribbon more accessible and more compact. ribbon storage
n my head, I knew what I wanted. I just wasn’t sure I’d be able to find it. After walking around Lowes for 30 minutes, and my husband saying, “It just doesn’t exist”, I. found. it. Redemption! These little cabinet clamps were .91 cents, but they felt like a million bucks at this point. They can be found right where all the decorative handles/knobs are for cabinets. They’re down below. Ask a Lowes employee if you struggle finding it!

spool clamp

I measured it out (loosely), so they would be spaced apart enough. I pre-drilled some holes and screwed them in. I used a wood dowel as my template, but I bought little metal rods for the final product. The weight of the spools is just too much for the wood dowel. I think the metal ones ran about $2-ish. My handy-man husband used a hack saw to trim them down, and they popped right in!

Ribbon drawer

If I wasn’t so lazy, I’d count how many spools are hanging there, but I am. And there’s a lot. I still use my old storage system for scrap ribbon or spools that are near the end.

ribbon storage

Thankfully, Lowes could see the vision in my head and had exactly what I wanted! Easy, compact, inexpensive? Check, check, check!


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