A New Colorful Table

You know I love my neutrals. You know neutrals are my love. You know that I can break out into hives at the thought of too much color. Until now.

So this table has decorated my landing for a couple of years. There’s some color there, right? I love it, but I needed the narrow console to go in the guest bedroom.

console table

Stay with me here. It gets confusing. I took the table above off the landing and put it in the back bedroom. I took the table below (which I had already painted black—it was stained before) and put it in the landing. And it needed some color. Call me crazy.

scrapbook paper styrofoam

Like, really crazy. ‘Cause here it is all pretty and…colorful.

aqua table

It all started with the lamp. I found it on clearance at Marshalls because it had been on the shelf too long. The SAME exact lamp was available for full-price that they had just received. Weird, but I was smitten.

rattan lamp

And then it was the jar. I’ve been wanting one of these since 1973, but I never knew where to put it. Right THERRRR. Perfection.

turquoise table

I was clearly in zany mode when I picked up the giraffe tray, but I had already fallen off my neutral rocker. What was the harm in diving into the crazy world of color just a little deeper? Marshalls for $7.99.

aqua table

While I still love the print, I wouldn’t mind finding something different. We’ll take this little transformation in baby steps. Kind of.

turquoise table

I think my favorite aspect of “going bold” is that it has already served as a conversation piece for two different guests that have come to the front door. It screams, “Hey, look up here!” when they walk in, and they of course look. It’s beauty completely rescinds the fact that a console table just yelled at them.

painted aqua table

**You can see the full tutorial on painting this table here.

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