Organized Garage Shelves {Lowes Creator}

This month’s Lowes Creator challenge was a no-brainer. I don’t have much of a pantry, so a while ago I decided to utilize our garage for some extra storage. Unfortunately, Michigan winters get pretty bitter, and we end up throwing stuff on the shelf in order to get back inside.  The weather is starting to break, so the chaos needed to be tackled.

Garage shelving 1

“How bad could it be?”, you ask. Take a look. That bad. This is mid-cleaning since I had forgotten to take a picture before I started. I know. Pity me.

Garage before

Of course, I knew Lowes would have just what I need. I already had the shelf ( $69 from Lowes). Some galvanized buckets from the trash can area (wander the aisles–so fun!), and some decorative baskets from the closet section were just what I needed. I spray painted some items with Valspar’s Mirage in order to pull some colors together. Pretty, eh?

Garage shelf

I always want to know how people have organized items. I labeled what’s inside all the containers so you know my approach. I use the large bucket for drinks in the summertime, so I didn’t want to fill it with something. Hence–empty.

How to organize garage

My favorite item? The Nemesis now has a customized “little” food bucket. If I didn’t label, how would we know what it is? :) I just used some vinyl lettering, and I chose the sealable bucket to keep bugs at bay. Dog food container

I can’t say the rest of my garage is quite as organized, but having this space cleared out and put together so nicely is a breath of fresh air!

Garage shelves

Since I can actually see the ground now, I’m already itching for next month’s project!  Lowes Creative Ideas site is top-knotch, and I highly recommend you visit it! I certainly wouldn’t sign on with someone I didn’t believe in!

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Disclosure: Lowes provided me with a gift card to showcase this project as part of their Lowes Creative Ideas Bloggers’ team. All the thoughts and opinions are certainly my own. I don’t get gift cards for those. :)

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