Landscaping 101

Some big things are happening outside, and I thought I’d get you up to speed. This time last year, I left you with this. We were once again doing the landscaping ourselves.

house side

Well, since this was our second time attacking this slope, we did hire a couple of teenagers to help us. And then? That’s the way it stayed. For a YEAR.

landscape edging

A couple of months ago, as we watched some of our landscaping  sheeting blow away like sagebrush in the desert, my husband finally said, “I think it’s time we hire something out.”

clouds parting

After seeding two acres of lawn by hand (with a baby and a toddler) and doing all the landscaping ourselves (twice!), the time had finally come. Time to pay more money than we wanted to in order to sit back and do this–

IMG_9032 landscaping slope

In one afternoon, it took four guys to do what we had tried to do for for eight years. Worth. every. penny.


This is “phase 1” of our plan. Next year involves a couple of patios, stone stairs, etc. But for now, we sit and stare.


We no longer apologize to our guests who wonder why we dug a giant dirt box in our front yard.

landscaping stone

And we no longer feel shame for what our neighbors must think of the mess we had created.

stone retaining wall

Wasn’t this titled Landscaping 101? Here’s the lesson. Pay to have it done.

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