Some Bedroom Updates

When I first showed you my son’s room, I tried to explain that it wasn’t finished. Well, it’s still not finished. However, it is a couple of steps closer.

Because I chose an industrial look in here, it definitely limits the color implementation in the room. I thought a powerful rug would help with that.

orange gray rug

I figured it might be nearly impossible to find an orange, gray and brown rug, but Rugs USA knew what I needed. At the time, it was 40% off (it’s 35% off now), so it was very well priced.

teen bedroom rug

Of course, this is usually how it looks in here. It’s the perfect buffer between my son’s dirty feet and the carpet. striped rug

Last summer, I found this little display shelf for $5.00. Now that my son’s getting older, it’s more difficult to keep the little trinkets on display without him shoving them into a drawer. These are the ornaments, medals, shells, etc.  that he’s been collecting that have some meaning to him.

display shelf

And no…it’s no accident that you haven’t seen the other side of the room yet. I still haven’t painted his dresser. So daunting when your time is limited, ya know? Soon. Soon.

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