DIY Pedestals

Guess who’s back? Back again. Justa’s back, Justa’s back….if you’re an Eminem fan, you totally hear it. If not, you’re just annoyed right now. Sorry. I’m back!! I’ll return again tomorrow with all kinds of ‘splaining about my absence, but I have a little DIY project to talk about first.

The folks at Lowes were gracious enough to sign me onto their team, and I missed the assignment for April. I figure I better get on that right away, eh?

DIY washer dryer pedestal-001

One of my home goals for the year was to tackle the laundry room. Sure…it serves its purpose, but I wouldn’t call it the prettiest room in the house.

laundry room before laundry cubbies

Phase 1 was to build a pedestal and get those machines elevated! I found quite a few simplistic plans that were helpful, but in the words of my husband, I “like to make things difficult.” Meaning—I wanted drawers. Another meaning? Call in my father-in-law. We’re gonna be measuring. A lot.

pedestal frame

We basically went with 2×4’s in the pattern above. We thought that would give the most support for the machines. Of course, measuring for the drawers took about three years. Once it was figured out, we covered the entire base with some inexpensive plywood.


In order to trim out the front, we cut out the pieces separately. You could use a jig saw to cut out the shape of the drawers (leaving you no seams), but that seemed impossibly picky. We opted for some seams. And way too many nail holes. :)

pedestal trimwork

The drawers were pretty simple construction. Some wood glue and nails basically keep them together. We purchased some inexpensive drawer slides (thank you, Lowes!) and attached them to the drawer and the inside of the pedestal. Again—measure, measure, measure.

pedestal drawer

Once the drawers were fitted, we topped it all off with 1/2” plywood. We left about an inch overhang on the front side and glued a trim piece all around to cover the rough edges.

drawer frame

For the drawer fronts, we used some scrap MDF. I wanted it to be more finished than the rest since it will be the most exposed portion. We again attached it with some wood glue and nails.

diiy drawers

And then? I forgot to take pictures. Seriously? Who knows what I was thinking. Basically, I trimmed out the drawers and exposed edges with a couple different size trim pieces.

drawer trim

I’m so excited to have so much extra storage underneath now! While it was a LOT more work to build the drawers, it was definitely worth it.

washer dryer pedestal drawer

As for the installation of this bad boy in a narrow laundry room…don’t ask. I’ll let the picture speak for itself.

pedestal installation

You may notice the absence of pulls on the drawers. I ordered them, but they haven’t arrived yet. Don’t worry—I’ll show ‘em off when they do!

laundry pedestals

Disclosure: As a Lowes Creative Ideas Network Blogger, I was given a gift card to help with this project.

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