The Dainty Desk

So I specifically bought my daughter the hutch with the secret desk in it because I knew she would fall madly in love. What I wasn’t prepared for was how difficult it would be to find a bench to fit under it. They were all too short. So…we waited.

I finally found this one for $11.00 at a consignment store. The only problem? It’s not necessarily JaG daughter material. No offense, little bench. I’m sure you served David Hasselhoff well.

consignment bench

I used some batting and foam that I had on hand and purchased $3.00 worth of some coordinating fabric. A little paint and a few staples, and she’s good to go!

piano bench

It wouldn’t be a proper presentation for my little one if I didn’t gussy it up just a little bit.

girly bench

I shopped the house for a little frame I had, and I painted a little milk glass bowl pink to hold her blue paper clips. I’ve been trying to teach her the importance of thank you notes, so I made sure to put her personalized ones in her desk. Maybe that’ll make the difference?

desk secretary  altered composition book

The little notebook is actually a bright composition book that just didn’t fit “my” look. I covered it with some scrapbook paper and a ribbon. I’ve done this a ton of times. Here’s the tutorial if you want it.

composition book altered

She was quite pleased with her little reading nook and “secret” desk area. What I wouldn’t have done for something like this when I was little!

refinished bench

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