Slow Cooker Recipes {Link Party!}

My ONE marital fault (ahem) is that I don’t cook. Well…I don’t cook good food often. So I’m trying to work on that. I tend to have great ideas about how I’m going to cook more and what I’m going to cook and how great my cooking is going to be—I just need to actually do those things.  I’m pretty sure this thing is my ticket.

I praise and bow down to all you working women who can come home after a long day of work and start in on dinner for your family. It’s haaaard work. Between after-school snacks, making sure homework gets done, and straightening up the house when I get home, I find I have very little energy to get started on dinner until 10:00 at night. (That’s a joke. Sort of.)

I figure this little nugget will motivate and inspire me! Don’t believe me (yeah, I don’t either just yet)? Take a look at some recipes I’ve gathered that I have convinced myself I can do!

Every Sunday is chili day at our house in the winter. I try to find a couple of variations of it, and this one looks spectacular! Filed.

We tend to eat a lot of chicken and pork here—sure can get boring after a while, eh? This looks like a fun twist on things!

And who doesn’t love mac and cheese?? Well, actually I don’t. I don’t eat any noodles (no, none), but my family loves it! This recipe is one of the simplest I’ve found. Definitely trying it!

crock pot mac and cheese
Lest we forget dessert, I found some seasonal-inspired apple crisp that looks yummmmmE!

Call me spontaneous (or simply a last minute thinker), but I thought it might be fun to link up your favorite crock pot recipes! It’s that time of year, and I know we’d all love some new easy recipes! Maybe you just have an easy recipe that isn’t for the crock pot? Link that bad boy up!

P.S. Are you still drooling over that apple crisp like I am?

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