Lowe’s Refresh Reveal!

Lowe's makeover

So where did we leave off? Oh yeah. The weather. Well, it wouldn’t be a true spring refresh if we didn’t have some true Michigan weather to hold us back. Unfortunately, my other job kept the schedule very limited to weekends, so if the weather didn’t cooperate—which it didn’t—it put a pause on things. Luckily, Lowe’s was SO flexible, and Mary was ridiculously patient with us! As I said before. … [Read more...]

BA Friday: Glamorous Bathroom


In the next few months, we have a bathroom renovation happening at our house. Because, really, who wouldn't take on a bathroom renovation during the holiday season? It's how we do. Needless to say, I've been scouring the internet for some inspiration and came upon this week's BA. House Four has a pretty amazing bathroom transformation that is most certainly inspiring!  The not so fantastic … [Read more...]

BA Friday: Bright Living Room


Well this was an easy choice for this week! Michelle from Iron and Twine has a transformation that required some pretty simple changes. Some well-chosen furniture and some gorgeous accents recreated this entire space. I love it!  Before--   And after--  Pretty darn beautimous, isn't it?! Head on over to see more before and afters of her quaint and charming home! Happy weekend, my friends! … [Read more...]

Industrial Rustic Dresser


If you'll remember, I redid my son's tween bedroom last year. I loved it, and Better Homes and Gardens was all, "We love it too!" However, my dirty little secret is that I never quite finished it. His dresser was left in its golden-honey state, and we just pretended it wasn't there. I knew exactly what I wanted to do to it, but I never wanted to actually do it. Make sense? So here's a little … [Read more...]

BA Friday {Boy Bedroom}


Happy Friday and happy weekend to you. If you're with me on Instagram, you know we've been knee-deep in basement renovations this week. As we trudge along, let's take a look at an actual after that makes my heart skip a beat. Jordin from I Love That turned her nursery (still cute!) into a space for her son to grow. And she knocked it out of the park. Here's your before-- And the drool-worthy … [Read more...]

BA Friday (Playroom Transformation)


Oh my. Put Kirsten from 6th Street Design School together with some Land of Nod products, and you've got a crazy cute playroom. I would have dreamed of a room like this when I was little, so I'm sure her kiddos are having a ball in it! It's perfect. Here's the not-so-inspiring before-- And shabam! Here's the after-- I want that polka dot rug and paper garland in every room of my … [Read more...]

DIY Art Project {Lowes}


Bonjour! Ciao! Hallo! Guess who's back! Me. I am. I'm just popping in for a project for Lowe's today, but I'll be back in full swing next week. I have one more FANTASTIC guest post to share with you, and I have 2,376 pictures of Europe to show you. Them's just jokes. I'll spare you a couple of them. Until then, how 'bout a little project? It's been a while since I've done a DIY project, so … [Read more...]

BA Friday {Girls’ bedroom}


I am literally coming in under the wire here, but I had to show you this room before the weekend kicked off. I am officially DONE with school for the year, and we're heading up north tomorrow for some MUCH needed R and R. I'll put some pics on Instagram if you wanna come along for the ride. :) Okay…onto the BA. I recently discovered Camille over at The Vintique Object, and I was so smitten with … [Read more...]

BA Friday {Before and After}


Do you ever dream about being the first lady and choosing any designer you want to help you decorate the white house? Soooo what you're saying is that's just me? If I had to choose a designer, Lauren would be on my short list. Like, really short list. Pure Style Home is one of my must reads, and she's done some amazing things with her homes (and others). The picture I've included is from her … [Read more...]

BA Friday (Before and After)


You know how I feel about a good laundry room, right? I talked about laundry rooms here and here. Oh, and here.  The Project Girl has a number of before and afters I could have shown you, but this laundry room is top on my list. Ugh--I love it!  Before-- After-- How does one choose a favorite? The floors? Those cabinets? The counter top? All pretty fantastic! Go visit The Project Girl for LOTS … [Read more...]

Before and After Friday


Soooo I'm still trying to work on that goal I set for myself this year. The end of the school year is always my busiest, so I've really been trying to focus on blogging better. I used to LOVE doing Feature Friday, but it is more work than you might think. I love sharing things with you, but what's the harm in making the sharing a little easier? I present you with Before and After Friday. I will … [Read more...]

Organized Garage Shelves {Lowes Creator}


This month's Lowes Creator challenge was a no-brainer. I don't have much of a pantry, so a while ago I decided to utilize our garage for some extra storage. Unfortunately, Michigan winters get pretty bitter, and we end up throwing stuff on the shelf in order to get back inside.  The weather is starting to break, so the chaos needed to be tackled. "How bad could it be?", you ask. Take a look. … [Read more...]

Extending Cabinets to Ceiling


The laundry room remodel is moving along slowly but surely. Actually, more slowly than surely. It took me an eternity to find the right wall color, but I think I've found it! I thought I'd show you how we extended the cabinets to the ceiling to elongate the room a little bit. We went pretty standard in this room 'cause well…it's a laundry room. However, the more time I spent in there, the more I … [Read more...]

DIY Jewelry Tray


Happy Monday! When I organized Little One's closet, I alluded to all the work that went behind finding all the coordinating colors for everything. Basically, this is how the items started out. A bunch of hodge podge colors that would have looked pretty random in that space. Today, we're gonna focus on the black tray. It was a little too "David Hasselhoff meets Don Draper" for her, so I attacked it … [Read more...]

2013: ONE Goal


I go back to work in a couple of days (sigh), and I've been spending a lot of time thinking about how to manage it all. News flash--I don't manage it all. Shocked? Yeah, didn't think so. I haven't been blogging as well as I'd like to lately, so I made myself ONE goal for the whole year. You ready for it? Blog BETTER   This means a lot of things for me. I've made the mistake of thinking … [Read more...]