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by Chris on September 15, 2014

Whew! Anybody out there still? Well I’m back to work, and it’s proving a lot crazier and time-consuming than I remember it. Pile two sick kids home from school on top of that, and it’s squeezed blogging right out of my schedule.  

So while I try to wrap my brain around this new schedule of mine, stop by Eighteen25 for their annual Spooktacular September. I made a little project for them this weekend, and I’m madly in love with it. The directions are ridiculously easy and inexpensive.

Pottery Barn Halloween

I actually made a couple of these, so I’ll be back later to show you the others! 


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Happy Thursday and welcome to those of you coming from My Fabuless Life!! I’ll come back later to explain my recent absence (life just gets in the way sometimes, eh?), but today I’m happy to be a part of Lindsay’s Blogger Stylin’ Home Tour blog hop! Great idea, right? 

I chose my daughter’s room for two reasons. 1. It’s my favorite. 2. It’s the most completed room in the house. It’s one of the only rooms I never wavered on. I knew the look I wanted, she loved it as much as I did, and we dove in head first! 

Blue girls room

I have a resource list of items that can be found here, but the DIY tree mural is still our favorite. It wasn’t the easiest thing in the world to do, so I’m glad Little One hasn’t asked me to paint over it yet. She’s just gonna have to like the tree for a while longer. Mama says.

How to paint a tree

And the closet? I had a bar in my closet when I was her age. I hung clothes on it. The end. 


It’s Closetmaid shelving, and it’s a huge success. She does “almost” as well as I’d like her to when it comes to organizing it and keeping it tidy. I’m a purger. She is not. 

Closet files

This repainted china cabinet with a secret secretary has received plenty of attention from her. It was a Craigslist find for $60. Well worth every minute of painting it. 

Painted secretary

Her tweeniness is starting to seep into the decor just a bit. No more Cinderellas or fairy statues. Just peace signs and disco balls. Poor me.

Peace and disco ball

Speaking of poor me, what 12-year old has a jewelry collection like this? I’m not quite prepared for this little fashionista she’s growing into, but at least the girl has good taste, eh?


One constant at least has been the DIY bookshelves I built for her. The books look a little different, but she does love it! As long as she’s reading, I’m a happy mom.

How to build bookshelves

Thanks for taking a little tour with me today! Are you ready for a ton more beautiful spaces? Well, your next stop most definitely needs to be Retro Ranch Reno! Have fun!

Favorite room edition graphic



Fashion Pin Day {Summer!}


My friend called me out. My outfits were getting a little too fall, and summer is most certainly upon us. So here ya go, Cassie.  Let me preface these pictures by saying that I’m not a short shorts girl. I’m 5’ 9”, and 3/4 of that is leg (awkward body, eh?). Soooo I don’t feel […]

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Care Package Idea


My best friend is going through some stuff right now, and he lives far away. Nothing more frustrating than a friend in need when you can’t physically be there, eh? So I sent a care package to make him (and me) feel better. I think a care package is pretty personal, so it’s not like […]

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Flashback Friday DIY Trays


I love finding new ways to implement a pretty tray in the house. They’re inexpensive, and they house decorations so well! I’ve built my own, used frames, tiled dollar store trays—you name it! Here are some ideas for you. How to use a frame as an acrylic tray How to make a jewelry tray How […]

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Fashion Pin Day


Soooo you likey the fashion, eh? Thanks so much for your kind messages. I thought I was out of my element with these fashion posts, but apparently you wear clothes too! Well, I guess that works out for both of us then. I’m loving the outfits this week—classic, pops of color—can’t go wrong. Enjoy! source […]

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Student Whiteboards


School is in the horizon, people! For me, that means my kids and me go back to the grind. As part of our Lowes monthly challenge, we were asked to come up with something for back to school. For a teacher, that’s an easy one. I’ve been needing some individual whiteboards in my classroom for […]

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Flashback Friday DIY Curtains


Apparently I like to hack all my window treatments. As I was collecting projects for this post, I realized it might be an issue. Some might say I’m cheap, but I choose to call it savvy. And cheap. Here are my favorite DIY window treatments for ya!  How to add length to a short curtain […]

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Fashion Pinday


I know what you’re thinking. “Fashion? Huh?” Yup. I may do a lot of DIY around here, but I also wear clothes. I started a fashion board on Pinterest, and I may be a little guilty of fashion trigger finger lately. Sooooo I thought I’d share some of my favorites recently.  I included a bunch […]

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The Bloom Workshop


For all the years I’ve been blogging, I don’t do too many local things with it. It took me four years just to tell people I was a blogger! I write a monthly article for our local magazine, but that’s about it. However, Michaela recently reached out to me about speaking at her and Ashley’s […]

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