Wordmark.it {How to Choose Fonts}

I’m blogging better today (Thanks, Beth!) and sharing a new site I’m in love with! In recent weeks I’ve become a bit obsessed with new fonts. We’re talking’ hog wild obsessed. They’re addictive. The only problem is remembering what each one looks like when you want to inset it into something you’re typing. Enter stage left: Wordmark. 


It’s not the fanciest site in the world, but it will change your life. Yup–bein’ dramatic. In the box on top of the screen, you type in any word you want, and it will show you what that word looks like in every font that’s on your computer. I repeat. Every font on…your…computer. I typed in “ABCDEFG”, and below is a screenshot of some of my fonts.

choosing fonts

Fonts can vary so much based on lower case/upper case that it’s fun to see what a word (doodle, frame, border) will look like when you type it in.


They also have a “negative” option so you can see what it looks like in reverse–meaning black background with white lettering. You can also change the font size to see it larger or smaller. I’m telling’ ya. It’s simple and straight forward, but it’s a game-changer if you like to do different fonts on your pictures or projects.

font selection

Don’t blame me when you find yourself wasting way too much time typing in random words. Not that you would do that. Have fun!

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