The Dresser

After stalking Sarah and hailing Joyce, I got my own dresser. Remember this?

I found baskets, but I didn’t like the shade. So..I painted them.
I present you with the final product!

Apparently, replacing a drawer with baskets is a LOT more work than it seems. I had to have the wood cut, I had to paint it, I had to buy brackets to put the wood in place, and my husband had to fight with it to make it level. NOT as easy as it would seem.
However, it was totally worth it. I’m still debating whether I want to keep it white or paint it cream to match my table and chairs. The weather has made me keep it white for now.
Remember those Christmas baskets I bought for .50 cents? Here they are in their green glory.
This was supposed to be for my kids’ supplies, but it’s turned into my craftroom on legs. If they’re lucky, they’ll get the top baskets, I guess.
Was the reveal worth the wait? Probably not. Was it worth it having a dresser in my kitchen? Totally.
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