Su Su Su Succulents

When you live in Michigan, January either looks very white outside or very brown. It’s a pretty good idea to have some kind of foliage in the house since so many other things are dead outside. Depressing, I know.

Succulents Just a Girl

I’m certainly not known for my green thumb, but I took a risk on some succulents on clearance at Lowes several weeks ago. I think the most expensive one was $2.00? The orange potted one was from Wal-Mart for $2.98. I’m a big spender.

Succulents Lowes
There are really only two tricks to keeping succulents alive. 1. Loose, fast-draining soil. I purchased this at Lowes. It’s very airy (that rhymes). 2. Don’t water them. Well…hardly ever. Right when you think you should water them? Don’t. Fight the urge. And then water them a week later.

Succulent planting soil

The soil could be left as-is, but I bought these jars of crushed shells for $1.50 (again, big money) to keep the soil in a little bit. Plus, it matches the kitchen nicely.

Shell jar

Kinda cute, eh? The white bowls were on clearance at Marshalls. The big one had a chip in it, but I buried it. Literally.

Succulent bowl just a girl blog

Something else we don’t see a ton of in January is sun, so I put them behind my kitchen sink to catch as much of it as possible. I think that might count as rule #3.

Succulent just a girl blog

Rocket science? Perhaps not. But I have killed a succulent before, and maybe I can spare you the grief. You’re welcome.

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