Real Leaf Project {Fall Craft}

Well hello! Remember me? I feel the need to apologize, but it is what it is. In order to blog, I have to have projects. In order to have projects, I can’t blog for a minute. With a full-time job, I just don’t have time to do both every day.

However, today I’ve got something pretty fun! I was in need of something “new” this fall, so I took to nature. In other words, my son had a leaf project due for school, so I gathered about 50 leaves for myself and came up with a little project of my own.

leaf art fall

Sooooo remember this project?

chalkboard spider

Yeah well, now it’s this project. I flipped over the spider, stained the wood, and traced a large maple leaf onto it with my overhead projector. If you’re not sure a projector is necessary, I can certainly vouch for its use here and here. Love that thing.

leaf outline

After drying out a bunch of leaves in between wax paper for a couple of weeks, I laid them into a sort of fan pattern within the leaf outline. It was looking pretty good.


I grabbed some Mod Podge, a craft brush, and my cordless drill to hold things in place. Leaves don’t necessarily want to stick easily, but they were rock solid once they were dry.

leaf tutorial

It needed to look as natural as possible, so I trimmed as little as possible. It just took a little more precision when lining up the leaf edges so they would follow the natural lines of the drawing.

fall leaf project

Of course a little stick from the backyard serves as a cute little stem (hot glued on). I also made sure that I didn’t glue the entire leaf to the board. I wanted them to stick out a bit. Anything too glued on would have looked weird. That’s my expert opinion, of course.

real leaf art

I think it came together quite nicely with the other decorations I found. The same decorations that were missing for TWO years. When your husband says they’re not in the garage attic, just be prepared to go up there yourself to find them. Just sayin’.

fall leaf art

I L-O-V-E leaf projects, and it certainly helps that they are in abundance around here. How ‘bout you? Do you have tons of “nature” around that you can use for free decorating?

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