Pre-Pinterest Picture Post

Ahhhhh, Pinterest. How I love thee. But here’s the problem. How do I pin pictures that I found months/years ago that are in my files? I put them in a post. That’s how. It’s not illegal to do that, is it? Edited: Pinterest now has an option where you can upload pictures from your files. YIPPEE!

If nothing else, I thought it might be fun to share some of my inspiration files with you. And believe me—there are many. Back in PP (that’s pre-Pinterest days, mind you), I would simply save a picture I liked and label with a hint as to where I got it. Yeah…that didn’t last long. I ended up just saving. I have no idea what the sources are for these, and I thought maybe you could help. If you know a source for them, will you share in the comments? That’d be real nice.


This bedroom. My son’s room inspiration. Masculine without being stuffy. Replace the ties with an arsenal of Nerf guns, and it’s so his room. Someday.


The trim! Trimwork does wonders to any space—even one as gorgeous as this one was already. Love it.

wow the lightning the walls the colors

You know how I feel about my neutrals. Those doors are absolutely stunning. And the trim on the curtains? Swoon.


One word: beams.Southern Accents Living Room

I’m pretty sure this is my idol, Phoebe Howard. In my dreams, she would design my entire home. Along with Erika. Oh, and a little bit of Candice, of course.


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