Organized Drop Space

Happy Monday! Orrrr Tuesday. Summer is HERE for me, and I am already losing track of days. I. love. it. I have some awesome pictures to share of our weekend getaway, but first I thought I’d show some organization I’ve done recently. This month’s project for Lowe’s was a welcomed challenge. I was asked to show how to organize a drop space for your home. You know I love me some organization, and my drop space was in dire need of some attention.

Organized drop space

I’ve worked on this drop space before, but the needs of a space can change. I found I needed more bins, and we were starting to acquire an unnatural amount of keys. Something needed to be done. On one of the doors, I used some pegboard, painted it blue, and added some hooks that screw in from the back. I actually took the hooks off a standard key ring holder from Lowe’s. I just unscrewed them and put them into the pegboard. Organize cabinets

The opposite door needed something magnetic for appointment reminder cards, business cards, or takeout menus we use. Using the same paint from the other door, I painted the back of the door and trimmed some decorative sheet metal to fit inside the trim. I used some strong glue to adhere it inside. The magnets are ultra-strong, but not very attractive. I took some green spray paint to them to prettify them up. Magnetic board

I had some of the containers already, but I purchased a little pail and some paint quarts to hold our random items. The bins hold sunglasses, batteries, stamps, checks, etc. All those little items that can struggle to find a home are now in their place. The file folders hold my cookbooks.

Organized drop space

And lastly, the counter top is a junk collector. Since I tried to get all the clutter up into the cabinets, I’m hoping this will remain clutter free. The blue container has some stationery and mailing stamps/labels, and the file holder is for receipts or school forms that need to be signed. Since we’re always looking for something to write on, I’m hoping this little notebook will remain accessible. Fingers crossed. How to organize counter tops

I’ve been fortunate to be a part of the Lowe’s Creative Ideas team for a while, and I still can’t say enough about them! Check out the Lowe’s Creative Ideas site or download their app to view it on your iPad. You might just see some familiar projects on there (hint, hint). 

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Disclosure: As a blogger for Lowe’s creative team, I was provided with a Lowe’s gift card to purchase supplies for this post. All ideas and words are always my own.

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