Easy Peasy Curtains

I’m on spring break, I (fingers crossed) don’t need a winter coat, and I’m feeling the need to lighten things up around here.  My first thought was to get all new furniture and paint all the walls.  My second thought was to use some fabric.  We won’t tell my husband about that first thought.


When I want a warmified living room, my little house steps right up.  However, I knew this might take a little bit of work to lend itself to a more spring feel.


Soooo how to get started?  I think the quickest (and cheapest) way of freshening up a room is simply to rearrange the furniture.  And then, of course, wait for your husband to come down and complain because the big couch is on the wrong side of the room.



While you’re doing the rearranging, it helps to watch General Hospital and keep telling your Nemesis to get out of the way.


Thanks to Sarah, I realized just how cheap window treatments can be.  I bought some 90” white muslin.  While I love muslin, I wanted to make sure I could fold it over for some thickness.  Too thin, and I think it would have looked too much like a sheet.


I bought six yards of it for $18.00.  I simply cut it in half (3 yds. per panel), folded it over so it draped right, and clipped it to the rod.  I didn’t iron it or hem it.


Next up, shop the house for some pillows.  I had these blue ones which pick up on the blue/green tones in the mirror.


However, I didn’t have these.  I bought this paisley fabric for about $4.00.  I used some scrap curtain fabric for the backs as a coordinating fabric.  Much cheaper that way.


For just a little over $20.00, I was able to freshen up this space.  White muslin is such a versatile fabric, I can only assume it’ll be an investment for me.  Yes, I just made that up, but I’m sure I’ll use it again. 


Happy Spring, little living room!

*~*Don’t forget to link up to Show and Share Day still.  I’m having a blast looking at everyone’s projects!

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