Kitchen Stations

I’m usually one of those “don’t like anything on my counters” people. However, I was getting sick of lugging stuff in and out of cabinets for use, so I finally broke. We’re creatures of habit in this house, so I needed to develop some stations on the counters to help with my laziness and to keep things as tidy as possible on the counters.

Our coffee station is obviously a no-brainer. We drink it often, so I included some pretty mugs from Anthropologie to spruce up the space. We keep the large coffee pot below for when company comes over.

Coffee station

I showed these cereal containers some time ago, and they still get used constantly. Again—being creatures of habit—we tend to like the same kinds of cereal. And yes, I became too lazy to label them. These large jars from Wal-Mart definitely give us our money’s worth. 

Cereal station

Toast. It’s a staple here. Nothing fancy, but we make toast or waffles so much that it needed to come out of the cabinet. Of course, a pretty butter dish always helps.

Toaster station

The cooking station includes my utensils really. I decided to forego the typical utensil crock for a pretty glass one. So far, no breaks. 

Cooking station

And finally, the cutting boards. My son made the striped ones for me, and I like to display them! Plus, I’m always cutting things. Makes sense, no? 

Kitchen cutting boards

Soooo not the fanciest post in the world, but I’m always curious how people organize their spaces. Keeping these little stations condensed helps to contain my sanity, but it also helps my frustration from taking everything out every time I need it. If you’d like to see how I organize other kitchen areas, you can visit my organized pantry, food containers, and dish cabinets too!

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