How to Build a Balance Beam

In other words—how to make your daughter think you’re the best dad in the whole entire universe.

So we’ve got a gymnast in the family. And no, I’m NOT talking about me. Let’s not address the summer- sault gone wrong the other night. Pretty sure I broke my neck.

young gymnast

When your little one is the next Jordan Weiber, it’s inevitable that she’ll start asking for gym equipment. Ya know—balance beam, uneven bars, pummel horse—all the inexpensive stuff. She began leaving subtle hints around the house, so my husband built her a balance beam.

Beam sign

Here’s how he did it. Keep in mind I skipped photographing quite a few steps because I didn’t plan on blogging about it (gasp!).

We went to Lowe’s and picked up 6, 10-foot 1×6’s and a couple of 2×4’s. He then wood glued all the 1×6’s together and kept them clamped for a few days until it dried.


He then mitered the 2×4’s and drilled them into the bottom of the beam at the ends. Using 4 L-brackets that he bent just a bit, he was able to reinforce the side 2×4’s.


In order to give it some padding, he purchased two yoga mats and stapled it to the form. That was the pricey part. Each mat was $30. Perhaps you could find them cheaper somewhere?

balance beam tutorial

Then he purchased 11 feet of faux leather to seal everything up! It was $28.00.


diy balance beam

Ta. Da.

balancing beam

Little Miss is extremely pleased and is ready to begin her Olympic career! The girl likes to make signs, no?

daughter beam

She’s got skills, that’s for sure. Clearly, I taught her everything I know.


Cost breakdown:

  • Lumber and brackets: $40.00
  • Yoga mats: $60.00
  • Leather covering: $28.00
  • Total: $128.00

Not bad considering how madly in love with it she is! And my favorite part? I didn’t do a single drop of it. This was all Daddy’s project. Smile

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