How I Met My House

AnNicole is having a party!  Well, she HAD a party.  Thanks to my husband taking the computer to work for the past two days, I’m late.  Again.

I actually met my house back in 1991–13 years before I moved into it.  Does this look familiar?  I saw Father of the Bride, and I remember being glued to the movie screen. I was only a senior in high school, but I knew at that moment that I had met my house love of my life. 


Several years passed by, but the house remained.  It–or some form of it–had to be mine.  Budget constraints (hate those) prevented me from an exact replica, but I’m pretty darn pleased with what I got.

IMG_0717 I got a little less square footage than Steve Martin, but I guess I made up for it with lawn to mow.  And mow.


I’ve had so much fun at Suburban Cottage going through all the stories of how everyone met their homes.  Go check it out!

Father of the Bride house courtesy of Hooked on Houses.  LOVE her blog! :)

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