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I feel like this girl needs no introduction, but then I feel like I could write a book on her. Cassie is here today, and I know that you will easily figure out why I have a crush on her. She. is. funny. I find that I do very well with funny. And nice. I like nice people. Luckily, she’s both. Find out for yourself!

Hi Sugarplum

Hey, hey, hey!!! I’m Cassie at Hi Sugarplum, and it’s a happy day for me…I’ve been a huge stalker fan of Chris and her projects for years…and now I get to commandeer her blog! What was she thinking just handing it over like that?! I’m thrilled to take charge for a day, while she traipses around Europe with wine in one hand, and a crepe in the other. I’m also picturing her wearing a fanny-pack…that helps with my jealousy.

Since I have full control of Chris’s blog for the day, I thought about digging up her 7th grade school photo, or last year’s mug shot (I kid, that was like 20 years ago) to share with you. But then I remembered I get to actually meet Chris at Haven this year (I’m a speaker, what the what?!?), and that might be awkward. So instead, I thought I’d share some of my favorite Summer Projects. With the long holiday weekend ahead, it’s the perfect time to get your DIY on…and just like Lindsay Lohan, my projects all tend to be fast, cheap and easy.
A few packages of wood shims, a mountain of glue sticks, and an acrylic mirror are all you need for this awesome, beast of an outdoor Starburst Mirror.
convex mirror
If your front porch is anything like mine, it needs some jushing after the long Winter. This year, I gave our old coir mat a new life with a fresh monogram.
Hi Sugarplum | Spruced Up Front Porch
I have a hard time leaving well-enough alone…so these perfectly good white pots now have a lacquer stripe. But aren’t they cute?!
5-15 033
Are you a hat person? We live in Texas, where the sun doesn’t quit, so I’m usually hiding under a hat. Fedoras are everywhere and inexpensive, but not always cute. I snipped the generic band off mine, and gave it a dose of preppy.
I can never resist a $5 package of sisal rope…it just holds so many possibilities! After about 5 minutes and 12 hot-glue burns, I had a new set of Sisal Trivets.
may2 073
And since I still had rope left over, I whipped out this Sisal Bowl.
may2 082
But my most favorite Summer project to date, is our Otomi Stenciled Table. With a little contact paper and some spray paint, we have a unique, quirky outdoor table.
Hi Sugarplum DIY Otomi Table (12)
Thanks so much for letting me share…hop over to Hi Sugarplum and browse through my Project Gallery for more fun ideas, or poke around Our House if you’re a creeper like that.
You can relax now, Chris, I’m done.
And have a Nutella crepe for me!
Well, hello. Ahem. Allow myself to introduce..my..self. My name is Chris! And I’m a blogger! I got into blogging after spending months reading all the inspiration that is found in blogland. I thought to myself, “Self, I can do this. I might have something to offer too!” And so it began...

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