Handmade Holiday Has Begun!

Handmade Holiday

If you’re not frugal, or you’re lucky enough to be rolling around in bed in 100 dollar bills (that’s different), then perhaps this party won’t help you. For the rest of us, however? It’s ON!

So here’s my contribution. A drawer. It’s my “gift drawer”. I keep my collection of cards, crafts, and tins in here in case I need a last minute gift for someone and don’t have time to shop.

craft drawer

My reason for showing you this is that my Handmade Holiday advice is this– sometimes it’s the packaging that people care about more than the actual gift. Trust me on this one.

My daughter’s friend LOVES to do her hair. She buys books on how to do hair; she likes to do other friends’ hair; and her name is actually Harry. No it’s not.

So we went and purchased a bunch of hair ties, bows, clips, and headbands at the dollar store and Target. I think we spent $5.00? I picked up these tins for .49 cents each. They have a clear lid so she can see which tin she needs when doing her hair.

tins and hair bows

Stack those babies up, curse at them because they won’t stay together, and wrap them with a pretty bow! My daughter thought my tag joke was quite funny. I have the sense of humor of a 9-year old. Great.

decorative present

Another concern of mine is when it comes to gift cards. I love using them, but there’s just not much to them. So…I always try to pair them up with something more personal—even if it means spending less on the actual card.

teacher gift idea

I bought a $10 gift card, and I found stationary for $3.00 to go with it. The pencils (already had) were in the $1 section at Michaels, and the tin (already had) was in the $1 section at Target. In other words, if you ever lose me in a store, you know where to find me.

teacher gift

People just like to know that you took some time with your gift. When they see the gift card is for $10, chances are they’re not going to say, “Man. I wish it would have been for $20.”

It’s your turn! Thank you for being here and sharing your ideas! Please spread the word!

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