Mantle Madness!

Well, I forewarned you. Halloween decorating is. on. It was a chilly, windy, rainy day today (actually it was all those plus sunny, cloudy, and warm–it’s Michigan, what do you expect?). Anywho, what better atmosphere than that to start decorating for the day to eat my kids’ candy…err…Halloween? Our fireplace is pretty much the focal point of our house, so I always start with that. Here is the before:

And here is the after:
If I had a better camera, this might actually look really cute. I don’t, and it doesn’t. Until I get a better camera…look at the picture and imagine it looking 10 times better in person! I have been in love with the “boo” above, so I tried my own version of it. Little did I realize that I have nothing to hold the paper in place! It’s not quite BHG, but it’s close enough.
I already had the sticks idea in mind from Martha (of course), but when I saw Susie do it, I knew I had to join in! Why hello $1.00 crow! You’re so spooky!
And of course, we can’t forget about witch #2. I’ve kept her on the mantle, and she has since survived the wrath of Maximus. Don’t think she’s gone unnoticed though. There are times where I catch him staring at her and drooling at the thought…
Well, my one and only bell jar. I stuck some handpainted (by yours truly) pumpkins in there, but it needs more. This house is what I call a constant work in progress. Remember my dollar store jackpot? Add a little ribbon, use it as a backdrop, and it’s good to go!
Little pumpkin man keeps popping up in pictures, but I think he’s there to stay (for now!).
On a side note, I went to my one true love today. Of course I’m talking about Hobby Lobby! Duh. I FINALLY found some bell jars! Two to be exact! BUT I found something else that took precedence this time. I’ll hopefully show you that tomorrow. Bell jars will just have to wait for now. Hope you enjoyed the “spook show”!
P.S. Can anyone tell me an easy way to do a strike through on my words? I’ve found the need for it a million times, but I have no idea how to do it! Thanks!
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