Halloween Hoopla

Sugar coma? Walking for miles from house to house? Entertaining a bunch of kids with pizza and candy? Whatever it was, it made me tired. But how could I go without showing you this?

girl bride costume

As my husband says, “Enjoy that dress now ‘cause you won’t wear another one for 30 years.” But she sho’ is cute, no? My son? Uhhh….he’s uhhh…

morph suit

It’s a Morph suit. It was expensive (great), and it was sold out all over town (nice). According to my students, I was a little clueless for not knowing about them. What do I know?

bride costume

Oh. I know what I know. I’m going to eat every single one of these until I puke. Or until my son catches me—whichever comes first.

peanut butter cups 

I hope you had a fun-filled and safe Halloween!

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