We’re off. We’re headed to Florida to visit my best friend, and we are ALL excited about the much-needed time together. I’m looking forward to pedicures and shopping, my husband’s looking forward to golfing, and my kids can’t wait to get on an airplane. Ahhh…kids.

So…today I am busy doing a LOT of this. And yes, I stop short of packing for my husband. He can handle it.

packed bags

In between laundry breaks and packing clothes, this is what I found my daughter doing.


My son—equally concerned with preparing for the trip—was doing this.

playing video games

And this guy? Yeah, that’s about it for him.


My husband was so MIA, I couldn’t even get a picture of him. I have a couple of things scheduled for this week, but it might be a little scarce next week. I don’t know that my computer time will be a priority when I’m looking at this…




See you soon!

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