Fall Porch

My favorite outdoor decorations for fall are mums. 1. They were my dad’s favorite flower. 2. I love how dense the fall colors are in them. Since I need a strong color on my porch, they are a perfect solution.

fall house

I think the only tricky part about these things is finding mums that are in bloom at the same time. I’m waiting (not so patiently) for the bottom mum to bloom before the other mums fade out. First world problems—I know.

fall porch

Because I don’t necessarily have a large porch, I kept things simple. Mums—lots of them—and a couple of mini hay bales. I would recommend a local landscaping/garden center for these. They were quite a bit cheaper than the big box stores in our area.

fall porch

The little apple baskets were leftovers from my daughter’s birthday party and the gourds are from my local grocery store. I find if I spread the spending out, I can remain in denial about how much I actually spent.

porch mums.CR2

It’s an immediate welcome for my guests (all three of them) when they come to the door! Up next? Window boxes! I’ll be back later with those, but for now I hope these cheer up your Mumday. Get it? Not Monday, but…

fall front porch

P.S. Come back on Tuesday! I’ve got a surprise for you! It’s a fun celebration, and it’s fabulous!

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