Fall Porch Decor

Well, hello! I’m back from a great weekend with some family. My brother came into town, so I went home to visit. Of course, my mom had already fallified her front porch. Wanna tour?

fall porch

Beautiful, no? The colors, the twinkling lights, and the noise of the water fountain (imagine it) were a perfect combination for an 81-degree fall day. This is Michigan—you never know what you’re gonna get around here. 

fall porch decor

Pumpkins. So easy, yet so cute.

pumpkins white pumpkins

This long window box is a newer addition to her porch, and she’s now kicking herself for not doing it years earlier.

flower box

I have wood sitting my garage for window boxes. I bought it two summers ago. I’m thinking it’s time.

fall flower box

I could post picture after picture, but I think you get the idea. It’s the prettiest house on the block. A little charm can go a long way!

fall front porch 

P.S. I’m a year older. As a gift to myself, I spent the day here.

ikea logo

And I can’t wait to show you all the goodies I brought home!

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