Christmas Tree Shopping in Michigan

Our summers are hot and muggy and our winters cold and snow-covered. However, there is that window of time in which I’m particularly thankful to live here. You know that scene in When Harry Met Sally  when they go to the Christmas tree place to find a tree? Yeah, I love that scene. But…I’m so glad that’s not me. 

Every Saturday after Thanksgiving we go to our local tree farm and find our tree. It’s best to find two little kids who are just as pale as you. That way, your whole family looks like vampires—not just you.

Christms Tree Farm

This was our first option. My husband kept saying, “But it’s missing something.” He’s picky.


We’ve been going here for years, and we just realized this pond exists. Shows how observant we’ve been. Check out my mad photo editing skills.


So here’s the dilemma. If you follow along on Facebook, you know that I was overly concerned about the color of the tree this year. I loved it. Green…blue undertones. Perfect. What you can’t see (and what I apparently couldn’t see at the farm) is that it kind of looks like Quasimodo.tree

Son: “I’ll cut the tree down this year.” Us: Good luck with alllll that.” Needless to say, he didn’t stay in that pose for very long.


You see what I’m sayin’ about the color? Gah! Love. Of course, the hottie hottie boom-a-lottie in the picture always helps.

frazier tree

We waited for our drunk-looking Santa to come pick us up, and we loaded up our tree.

Santa Claus

Reveling in my (still ignorant) find of our perfect tree at this point. Again—find someone with pale skin tones for the picture. It helps.


Christmas tree farm

You are now going to see a couple of pictures where my husband is talking to one of the workers. At no point do I want you to be under the false belief that he had any clue what he was doing. If you look closely at his face below, you’ll notice the look of “Heh?” or “What’s that?” when the guy was asking if he wanted the tree stump drilled. You know, complicated stuff.

frasier tree

Here’s Quasi waiting to be wrapped up and taken home.

wrapping tree

So the tree gets all bundled for transport, and then…

wrapping tree

again with my husband looking like he knows what he’s doing. I believe he was asking for extra twine at this point.

tree farm

Luckily, our friends were there with a trailer, and we didn’t need the twine after all. This is my family of vampires running for their lives. I crack up every time I look at my daughter. Hi-larious.

tree farm

It took a little bit of work, but Quasi looks pretty beautiful now. I’ll be back to show you that later. Now I’m off to watch You’ve Got Mail.

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