Mailbox Ideas

A couple of things I forgot to tell you in yesterday’s post.

1.  I spent the majority of my vacation in Naples.  (My best friend lives there.) However, we traveled to Siesta Key, Fort Myers, and Sanabel.

2.  I did wear sunscreen.  I started with a 30 (only for 45 minutes) and then wore a protective 50.  Still burned.  Go figure.

One of my favorite parts of my trip was traveling through Naples’ Port Royal area.  Think “homes I’ll never be able to afford”.  We saw a lot of these…


IMG_5624But I quickly realized that I was falling in love with the mailboxes in the area.  Yes.  Mailboxes. 

IMG_5617 The next two are my favorite!  Look at those pink flowers! 



IMG_5635 I just love the state-liness of the vine covered boxes.  I would smile every time I went out to get the mail.




So I wonder.  Do they offer a mortgage plan on a mailbox?  ‘Cause I just might have to look into that.

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