Yournameinaframe Give Away!

A who-da-wha-da?  Exactly!  Kitty from Your Name in a Frame contacted me recently, and I immediately fell head over heels for her products!  To be honest, I think it helped that her name is Kitty.  It could quickly become one of my favorite words.  I know—I’m a “favorite word” person…


Back to Kitty.  She is offering either a print with the name of your choosing OR a set of stationery.  Just think of all the possibilities with this idea!  Wedding gift, nursery decor, entryway, graduation gift…so many choices!

I SO wish my name was Yates right now.



Here are the notecards. I can’t imagine the amount of work that goes into this, so I’m ever-so-thankful that she’s offering this up. 



I’m having such a good time imagining all the ways you can use these, and I know you creative readers will too. 

How do you win?  Simply leave a comment here!

When will the give away end?  Wednesday…uhhh night.  I’ll be in Florida applying aloe to my inevitable sunburn, so please allow me a little flexibility on this.

What can you do to get the give away gods on your side?  Go visit Kitty {smile} at her blog or check out her Etsy store

I’ll announce the winner Thursday morning!

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