Workbench Turned Console {DIY Table}

This is going to have to be a couple of posts. I just have too many pictures. It started with me wanting to get rid of our armoire. It was bulky; we’d had it for 9 years; I was over it. That’s a good enough reason, right?

(I’ve probably taken 481 pictures of the armoire, and this is the only one I could find. Annoyed.)IMG_6185_thumb[4]

So, we sold the three matching wood pieces on Craigslist, and the hunt began for something else. That something else started with a flat screen tv. That flat screen tv then lead to an electrician who mounted it and buried all the wires in the wall. It is times like these that I realize what my husband means when he says, “Nothing is simple when it comes to your ideas.” Oops.

Craigslist table

I scoured Craigslist for months looking for “just the right piece”, and I found it! Ain’t she a beaut? For $50.00 I found an oil-covered, beat up workbench that a man was selling from his workspace. It was actually covered with metal sheeting, but I didn’t get a picture in time. The top planks were in bad shape (oil-soaked), but the rest of the piece was divine!

Craigslist workbench

I removed all the planks and sanded that baby down. In my basement. Which I don’t recommend. It was really turning out beautifully, however. I suspected that the wood is mahogany, so I wanted the top planks to match the tone as much as possible. Unfortunately, that’s where I started to spend some money.

DIY TV console

I  spent about $8.00 on each piece, but it looks really cool with the base! Money well spent.

building a table

This time, the sanding took place outside. I didn’t go crazy with it because the point was for it to look rustic. Just enough to make it smooth and not wedge a sliver into my hand when working with it.

how to build a table-001

And then this is how it sat for a couple of weeks. Our entertainment center was now officially packaging material from our tv. Decorating at its finest.

wood planks

When we finally got a spare minute, we cut the planks down to the length we wanted. And Maximus chose to lay in sawdust as opposed to anywhere else in the garage.

building a table-001

Then it was time to stain—one of my favorite parts. I used Minwax Special Walnut. Yumm! I didn’t let it set at all because I liked the tone straight out of the can—something to note.

staining table Special Walnut Stain

Since I really didn’t want my floor to house the cable box, etc., I had to figure out how to create a surface for the bottom half. Hmmmm what to do. I’ll be back on Wednesday to let you know what I came up with. Lu-huve it!

**The finished table can be found HERE.

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