Woodland Theme Party {Part 3}

Wow. Three posts for one party? Yeah, I hear ya. We’re almost done. You saw how the woodsy table was decorated, and I showed you how I put together a play tent for the girls to hang out in. Now—how to entertain them?

I knew the girls would be watching a movie when it came time to settle, so I thought a popcorn bar would be the perfect companion! And it. was. loved. My brother-in-law arrived early for the party, so I asked him if he would write the words “popcorn bar” on a piece of scrap wood I had. Seriously? I hate that I can’t draw.

popcorn bar sign

I purchased some brown paper bags and used a craft cutter to make a pattern on the top. They fit perfectly into a wooden tray I had

popcorn bags

Michaels had the buckets half off, so they were only a few dollars each. I had the little galvanized buckets from Ikea already, so it was a really cheap way to add some pizzazz to a movie night. In a fantastic tent. :)

Popcorn Bar

I forgot to take a picture once I had all the tags made, but I labeled some little shakers that had popcorn flavoring in them. The buckets had Reese’s Pieces and M&M’s for some sweet contrast. I’m not a huge popcorn fan, but the kettle corn seasoning was out. of. this. world.

popcorn bar-001

As luck would have it, the girls decided to go on a walk in the neighborhood. That gave me a few minutes to get the craft table in order for when they returned. Craft #1 was to decorate frames. I took a picture of each girl with my little one, printed them out, and put them in the frame when finished. This way, they had a personalized gift to take home with them.

art table

The frames were only $1.00, and I picked up some half/off craft paper and foam brushes at Hobby Lobby. Again—inexpensive but really fun for them!

birthday craft

Craft #2 (needing a nap at this point) was decorating tank tops! They were 3 for $6.00 at JoAnn’s, and I already had all the puffy paint for it. Woo Hoo!

party craft

birthday craft-001

Once I got them all settled in, I slept like a rock. It was some work—no doubt—but the birthday girl had a memorable day, and the girls kept saying how much fun they were having. Totally worth it. Have a great weekend!

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