Woodland Theme Party {Part 2}

Alrighty. So I showed you the woodsy food table, but the big dog of this party would be the tent. As soon as the theme was decided upon, I knew I wanted to have some sort of dreamy, ethereal, fantastical tent for the girls to party and sleep in.

balloon arrangement

Using a canopy tent purchased at a sporting goods store (we can use it on the beach—score!), I just attached a bunch of white sheets around three sides of it. The fourth side remained open to the tv, but it was turned so they had privacy.

woodland tent

The inside, however, is where it got fancy. I bought 40 yards (yes, 40) of tulle in a pale aqua and white. After streaming our Christmas lights all over it, I just kept draping the tulle all over the place. That was fun (insert sarcasm here). I made some tissue paper pom poms and tied some gold party stars from some ribbon to add some party effect.

play tent

Blankets, throw pillows, beanbags, and loud music=dance party!!!

birthday dancing

Of course, as it got darker it got even prettier. Seriously? What little girl—or grown mom who wishes she would have had one of these—wouldn’t want to sleep in here?

sleepover tent

After the dance party dissipated, the girls moved on to do some other things. It was then that I realized one of our party goers was missing. Guess where I found him.


When the girls settled in for the night, they had some treats and watched a movie. And I sat there thinking I wish the tent was mine.

slumber party tent

It was a fun and relatively inexpensive way to give them a little party within a party, and I’m pretty sure they liked it! I’ll be back on Friday with the final installment! Aren’t you excited? :)

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