Woodland Party {Part 1}

Yes, part one. There’s no way I can wrap up the birthday extravaganza in one post, so I’ll share it with you throughout the week. I used to throw these over-the-top/this-is-too-stressful/what did I get myself into?parties for my kids, but I decided to take a couple of years off. Well, little one reminded me that this was a big year for her (double digits and all), so she wanted a big party.


So I we decided on a woodsy/woodland theme for her. I quickly thought about red, white, and green, but that seemed a little too juvenile for her. I went with cream, blue, green, and brown. Such beautiful colors together, eh?


woodland table decor

The trick to pulling off a woodsy theme? LOTS of burlap, moss, and branches. Burlap and branches are easy enough, but moss is pricey! Eeks. I was able to cut some corners by finding some butterfly decorations at Salvation Army and painting them gold, and I placed our bowls for food into planter liners from Wal Mart (.77 cents!).  woodland theme

The big food hit was probably the owl cupcakes. Such an easy recipe (found online) with such a cute outcome!

Owl cupcakes

While we have a large forest behind our house, we didn’t really have any large trunks to cut. I asked my husband to put out an SOS to a friend, and he came through! He cut several of them about an inch and a half thick. I used some wood glue to put them on smaller branches that I found in our woods and cut with a miter saw.

DIY tree stands

Visions of making a tree trunk cake briefly swirled through my head, but I opted for a $7.00 chocolate one from Wal Mart. WAY easier and totally cute with some scrapbook paper cut into a little pennant decoration over it.

pennant cake

I wish you could see the detail on this paper better. It had a hint of glitter in the pattern and was so pretty. You don’t need a fancy template to make one of these. I literally sat down five minutes before the party and just freely cut some triangles into the paper. I hot glued the two sides together and stuck the sticks in the cake!


And in true blogger failure form, I didn’t get any pictures once the food filled in the gaps on the table. Shame on me, but I think you get the idea. We had a light meal of sandwiches and pasta, and it fit in very nicely with all the natural elements of the decor.


Next up? Where do you have 7 girls sleep, have a dance party, and watch movies? A DIY tent, of course. I’ll be back with that on Wednesday!

Part 2: DIY Party Tent

Part 3: Popcorn Bar

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