Wood Coasters

Alright, so I like to make coasters. They’re easy, and everybody needs them.  Since we had a new neighbor move in last month, and we’ve got another one moving in next month, there’s no harm in having these around. Right?

So…I did what any normal, self-respecting blogger does, and I used free items from a store that rhymes with foam repo. I was scavenging looking around the flooring department, and I found these wood laminate samples. Score!


They were already cut into squares, so all I had to do was put some adhesive on the back for the cork. Easy enough.


I like to lay out the cork and place the glued coaster onto it. I weigh them down with whatever heavy objects I can find. Once they’re dry, I run a razor blade down the edges of each coaster to cut them out.


I find it makes a really clean cut, and it keeps you from seeing the cork or jagged edges.


Pour a glass of $6.00 wine, fill a bowl with fishy crackers, and enjoy.


{Disclaimer: I’m not a drinker, so it was very lucky that I had this wine on hand. I was not above using water and some food coloring at one point to get my effect!}


I love how these look a little less feminine and a little more contemporary. I tried to make the wrapping match that.

coasters     coaster

I’ve got another project lined up for these, and I’m excited to show you that one too! Total cost? Nothing.

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