Winter Window Boxes {Lowe’s Creative Ideas}

As part of my Lowe’s contributor duties (heh—duties), I decided to spruce up my window boxes. Reason #1,944 I wanted window boxes? To do this.

Lowes window box

When the weather cooperates, my backyard is supposed to look like this.

But right now, it looks like this. Blah, boo, hiss….


After decorating it with various species of evergreens, I plugged in some large red ornaments from (you guessed it) Lowe’s. I did something similar in our winter urns last year if you’d like to see the method behind it. It’s not that difficult, really. The hardest part is making sure you don’t keep impaling yourself with pines. Just sayin’.

winter window boxes

I think it allll ties in together nicely with the window wreaths and front porch. I’ll take some pictures of the whole house when we get some of that white stuff. Just not the same without it.

Christmas greenery

Once again, my thanks to Lowe’s for letting me be a part of their team. If you haven’t already, check out their Creative Ideas website. It’s got lots of great inspiration!

lowes creative

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