Winter Decorating

As much as I love Christmas, I sure do love how clean the house looks after all the decorations are gone. However, it can lead to a dilemma. How do you decorate? What do you use if you like to add decor to match the season? Well, if you live in Michigan you just decorate your house with tons of snow. And air conditioners.

If you’d rather not be that drastic, might I recommend just using a lot of white in your home? This velvet duvet is being shipped to me right now. I can’t wait. The idea of crisp white and ivory bedding sounds delicious to me right now.

Pottery Barn Velvet duvet

Of course, I can’t wait to pair it with this new throw that I got from Santa my mom.  Velvet and fur on the bed? Yes, please.

restoration hardware throw

Speaking of fur, I have another one in the living room. It immediately gives off the “warmth” vibe in the room even when it’s 12 degrees outside.

fur throw

I like things to be quite simple around the house after the holidays. I tend to put items away just to “cleanse the pallet” for a while.  Nothing too busy. You may notice that I didn’t change things up too much from my Christmas mantel. I replaced the reindeer with a silver vase and took the leaves off the vases.

winter mantel

As for those vases, I had some questions about them. From a distance, I guess you can’t tell that they’re really just glass jars (purchased at TJMaxx) covered in sweaters I bought at Salvation Army. An easy way to winterize things.

sweater vases

I might also suggest using flowers. I think it’s an ultra-fresh way to soften up cold, wintery rooms. Unfortunately, I have a dead Poinsettia and some Narcissus bulbs right now. I don’t think those really count just yet. Here is some inspiration for you.

Simple Seasonal Change{source}


winter space{source}

I think the room below epitomizes a wonderful “winter space”. I love the crisp, clean lines, the touches of color through accessories, and the sparkle of the silver accent pieces. Throw in a crackling fire, and it became a perfect room.

neutral green room{source}

What d’ya think? Am I missing something? Textures, whites, fresh greens, and fireplaces are mine :) Share your thoughts if you have something to add!

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