Welcome to the Mouse House {Feature Friday}

Hello, hello! Who knows how I stumbled onto Hayley’s blog Welcome to the Mouse House, but am I glad I did! You know when you find a new blog, and you just keep scrolling and scrolling and scrolling? Yeah…I did that.


I’m going to take you on a little tour here, but you really should go visit her “in person”. Great stuff, I tell ya! Yellow. Chevron. Made them herself.

I just love a reverse stencil project, and I have a passion for trees. Must find a spot for this in my house. Oh yeah—made it herself. Starting to hate her yet? :)

Is this picture adorable or what? It makes me smile every time I look at it. A sweet little girl in a precious little bed. Hayley’s got skills right? Raise your hand if you wish you had a bedroom like this when you were little. (You can put it down now. No one can actually see you raising your hand.)

I love how she styled these bookshelves. You’d really have to see the befores of these babies to appreciate how far they’ve come. Such a pretty picture!

And lastly, she has her own Etsy shop. I couldn’t resist including this picture. It made me search for rain jackets for my little one for an hour.

Thank you Hayley for letting me share your beautiful home and talents with blogland. Please go say hi! We all love getting new visitors, right?

JaG Feature Friday

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