Washing Washing Power Washing…

We had some people visiting last week, so it was time to go into “full cleaning mode” at JaG’s house. Let’s just say we got very little sleep, and we were very sore. We had hired a company to power wash our house and 3 minutes before his scheduled appointment (literally), he called to say that our house was too tall for him to wash. Uhhhh…huh?

Luckily, our friends came through and let us borrow their mega-powerful please don’t break it, clumsy husband pressure washer. Don’t worry—the grass got mowed and edged, too. :)

pressure washer

Sooo this part was easy enough. “This isn’t so bad” says naive husband.

power washing siding

This part, however? Not so easy. Needless to say, some of the top parts of the house went without the wash. It was either that or hear my fearless husband scream like a little girl. As much as I would have enjoyed that, I chose to spare the neighbors (and my husband’s reputation).

on the roof washing

The front wasn’t really that bad. The back on the other hand was vomit-inducing gross. What is that and why is it growing there??

power washing siding

But look at what it turned into after he was done! Amazing, right? I don’t know if you’re like me, but I could watch someone get a stain out for hours. It’s just such a cool process, right?

After power wash

You know who else could have watched it for hours? This guy. He was in his glory.


I have a feeling he would enjoy a personal mister every day of the week. Can you see him?


Here’s another little before and after for you. The power of power washing, eh?

before and after power wash

We didn’t stop at the house. Our little John Deere got a much-needed bath, and our deck got a good ol’ spray off.

John Deere

It’s not the least tedious job in the world, and if it gets below 70 degrees, it’s also not the warmest. Your lips may or may not turn purple, and you might begin shivering uncontrollably. Not that I’ve seen that. I’m just sayin’.

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