Alack! Alack!

That’s a little ode to Romeo and Juliet for ya. Again with having to explain the titles. Guess I’d better not quit my day job. Back to the title…I bought Ikea’s Lack shelves (noooowwww you get it) several months ago, and I finally got hubby to hang them up.

hanging ikea shelves light scoop

My husband has no comprehension of “good light” and “prime picture time”, so he decided to hang these at night. Great. Nothing my Light Scoop couldn’t take care of! I then remained silent (it’s a marriage saver) while he focused (intently) on the non-word directions.

light scoop hanging shelves

And because I do have a comprehension of good light, I waited until the next day to take pictures. Thankfully, I didn’t have to purchase anything to decorate it. I started by typing up one of my favorite quotes and framing it. Aptly enough, it has a perfect home right in front of my sewing chair. A little encouragement always helps.

framed quote

My grandparents’ cameras deserved a little more protection since they are no longer in a cabinet, and I had the perfect cloche to fit over them. Now they can be on stage without getting dusty.

vintage cameras

I came dangerously close to going out to buy some storage boxes, but then I remembered that I had these babies. Pretty, no? No. GoodWill for $1.99 last year. Not bad.

christmas tins

Spray paint. How would we live without it? And HomeGoods. Thank you for the pink bowl, HG. It had me at hello.

pink bowl

And here it is all together. If this space doesn’t make me get better at sewing, nothing will. Seriously. Nothing.

Lack shelves

It may have taken a while to get the shelves up and running, but it was definitely worth the wait. Ikea shelves



P.S. I’m guest posting today at one of my favorite blogs for one of my favorite people! Wanna check it out?

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